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Aspen + Willow Part II

Hello everyone, my name is Cassandra and I am the other half of Aspen and Willow. I am in my early twenties, although people say I look a whole lot younger. I am in my third year at U of H, slowly making my towards medical school. I would love to provide accessible medical care and health education for everyone.

Both of my parents are photographers so it felt natural for me to join the industry. I learned that it takes a lot more than pressing a button on a camera in a pretty sunset to get a good photo. It was eye opening to learn how to pose others while capturing the raw emotions in a perfect snapshot. My favorite session to photograph is a family session. I love the laughter and mix of personalities that make each family so unique.

Fun things to know about me: I am 100% a dog person. I play the violin and cello. I love reading, currently preoccupied with detective novels. I am hooked on watching Korean dramas (which I can’t remember how that started). Lastly, I love exploring different types of cuisine!

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