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Who we are Part I

Hi and welcome to our Blog! This will be an outlet we will be using to share tips on how to make your session the best and we will also be sharing photos from the galleries our clients get. First, let us begin with an introduction.

My name is Ana and I am one of the founders of Aspen and Willow. Often people pronounce it in english, but it is meant to have a Spanish pronunciation. I attend UH ( go Coogs!) and hope to one day be a doctor and serve the underrepresented communities. College is not easy at my age, but I am always ready for a challenge. I have one daughter, she is my best friend and her name is Cassandra. I was only 17 when she was born so we can say we have grown up together. My sweet husband is Ivan. He is my person and I admire his talent in the photography world.

I was only 16 when I got married with Ivan and he was only 18. Thanks to God we have been married 22 years now.

My journey in photography began 15 years ago when my husband decided to buy his first camera. About a year after I joined him and ever since we have been creating awesome images!

I love that I get to work with my family.

A couple of fun facts about me. I actually take college classes with my daughter. I love to laugh at my husband's jokes. My favorite kind of music is movie scores. It is so neat how instrumental music can evoke emotions. My favorite movie is Arrival which is shocking to me since I am not a fan of sci-fi movies, but Arrival's story line was pretty amazing. Lastly, I love that my name is a palindrome.

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